We Treat Our Customers
The Way We Would Like To Be Treated

BuySelleBiz.com was founded by my wife Deval and I. We have been helping business and franchise buyers and sellers for more than a decade. Our customer testimonials from LinkedIn profile is the best way to learn about the way our customers feel about our services. For in-depth information on small business buying and selling, follow Manish’s blog here.

Some of our customers who tried to sell their business on their own prior to using our services have told us how difficult it was for them to focus on their business while trying to sell at the same time. Starting from marketing, preparing business for sale prospectus, having buyers to sign a non-disclosure form, qualifying buyers, preparing financials and negotiating all take too much time and effort while at the same time running your business. For Sellers, most important thing while trying to sell their business is to ensure sales continue to grow or it will adversely affect sale of their business.

By managing all aspects of your sale, we ensure that you have time and energy it takes to continue to grow your business. Having sold many businesses since 2003, buyers have come to rely on us on quality of our listings and our valuation. In fact, most of the businesses we list have multiple offers to choose from. Sellers of businesses we have listed have often told us what a great experience they have had in working with us. We are proud to state that our integrity, professionalism and commitment to customer service have set us apart from our competitors. With our experience selling many businesses we have created a system that has given us consistent success in closing our deals.

Customer Testimonials

Manish Shah, of BuySelleBiz.com is INCREDIBLE! I was really nervous about selling my online store, and was considering just shutting it down. As a designer/artist type, the idea of putting together financial reports and handling the legalities of selling a business was daunting and intimidating. Manish and Deval worked overtime helping me to prepare reports, answering my questions, facilitating conference calls with buyers and more. The most honest, professional and knowledgeable professional hands down! Manish was patient, eased my mind when I felt overwhelmed by the details, and saw us through a smooth, successful sale of my company. I simply can't say enough about his professionalism.

- Sherri Blum

President and CEO of Crystal Imagery, Inc. Interior Designer and Real Estate Stager, Artist

Manish helped us purchase a business and represented the seller impeccably while still working hard to make the transition a win for us as the acquirer. He focuses intently on giving business owners a realistic idea of what their business can sell for while still putting in a great deal of time to help them maximize the value they can get. Unlike many brokers Manish limits the number of clients he takes and I think that shows in the quality of the service he provides them and prospective buyers. I'd highly recommend Manish's service and will go to him first if I ever need representation when selling a business.

- Shaun Linderbaum

CEO at BraceAbility.com

Manish tries to seek the truth in the saleability of a business rather than trying to just get another company to market. He is insightful, knowledgeable and genuinely wants to help his clients whether he directly is benefiting or not.

- Brian David Lawrence

Business ConsultBusiness Consultant, Coach & Speaker - Wedding & Stationery Sector
Owns Web Design & Marketing Co.

Manish offers great insight on avenues in an exit strategy for my business. He was very through with his evaluation with today's every changing marketplace. We are deciding which avenues to pursue if we do decide to sell our business we will let Manish handle it.

- Doug Van Harren

Retired at No Stress

Manish cares about his customers and his business dealings are up-front and trustworthy. He kept us informed of all aspects of the transaction. There were no surprises or disappointments. I highly recommend him.

- David Johnson

President at R David Johnson Consulting

Manish Shah is the broker I used to sell my e-commerce business. Manish is great to work with, he is very professional and tells you exactly what you need to do, guiding you through the process step by step. Selling a business can be an overwhelming, daunting task; but Manish makes it easy because of his expertise! I highly recommend him to anyone who is considering selling their online business.

- Patricia Brown

Teacher and Writer

Manish helped my husband & I sell our e-commerce business. We had a fairly complex operation, so finding buyers who were both financially & technically qualified to succeed was difficult. Manish did a great job of preparing us for the process, then coaching us through until we were successful. I felt like the three of us were an effective team, even though we never got to meet face-to-face. One important thing that Manish did throughout was to screen us from buyers who were not qualified and from repeat questions. This allowed us to concentrate on running our business and keeping it profitable during the entire time period.

- Cynthia Traxler

Front End Web Developer, Netsuite Emphasis

Sell your ebusiness quickly" is the tag line for BuySelleBiz.com operated by Manish Shah. That is exactly what Manish delivered. After building and growing our laptop battery business (laptopbatterystore.com) over six years we decided it was time to sell and pursue other opportunities. So on January 14th 2013 we contacted Manish (after learning about him from a great article he had published on PracticaleCommerce.com). In our initial call, Manish's confidence was intoxicating. He said he had rarely been in a position in which if he chose to represent a business for sale – he wasn't able to sell it. He also mentioned that not only would he be able to sell our business but he would bring us multiple offers in our valuation range. This is exactly the type of stuff one would want to hear if one were trying to sell one's business. We spoke to other business brokers prior to and after speaking with Manish but none exhibited this type of confidence and 'can-do' attitude. We hired Manish and he did not disappoint. Within 3 months of listing our business with him - he got the business sold! He delivered exactly what he said in his initial call. He brought us multiple offers, coached us through the entire process and helped us close the best offer, exceeding all expectations we had about the selling process. Manish is a ninja in the world of business sales. He is an accomplished and experienced broker who can sell complex businesses at fair valuations in a seemingly effortless manner. From the outset - Manish worked systematically to manage our expectations of the selling process. He spent a significant amount of his time to do due diligence on our business till he understood the value of our business. He then crafted a detailed prospectus highlighting all the important elements of our business for prospective buyers. He advised us on the type of buyer profiles that he would target initially for our business. Needless to say, we were very impressed by his organized and meticulous approach to the selling process. Once the initial buyer interests started rolling in, he invested individual attention to each buyer and provided us summaries of his discussions with each prospective buyer. He hopped onto each conference call with prospective buyers and mediated discussions so that each call was productive. It was white glove treatment all the way. I would be doing a disservice to all potential business sellers or buyers if I do not give Manish a full five star rating for his contributions in getting our business sold. If you are considering working with Manish / BuySelleBiz.com, don't think too long - just hire him and let him work his magic.

- Al Lakhina

Founder and Managing Director at Priam Technologies LLC

I engaged Manish in the summer of 2011 to help us sell our ecommerce business. I wanted a business broker to assist in the sale and act as a go between rather handling the sale myself. I also wanted someone who really understood the valuation and operations of an ecommerce business. Manish turned out to be the perfect fit. He qualified buyers and brought us good prospects throughout the sales cycle. His knowledge of the inner workings of an ecommerce business and what makes one successful were extremely important as many business buyers and investors are not that familiar with the nuances of businesses He helped us get a good value for the business and managed the sales process very effectively. We received several similar offers after about 5 months on the market and he helped us sort through and make the best decision. We have closed the sale and the support provided to both us and the buyer is much appreciated. We owned a mid-sized ecommerce business, but I believe Manish's skills are well suited for early stage startups as well as much larger enterprises.

- Dale Traxler

Digital Leader, Commerce Expert, Mentor and Coach